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Centuries old technology returns to the 21st century


Trial and Jury Consultant

Using focus groups, mock trials, jury research, depositions and jury selection methods, Kelli partners with trial lawyers to avoid critical errors and misjudgments in jury selection & throughout the trial.



Face reading techniques offers invaluable insight into how to approach a person, types of questions to ask and understanding how someone may think, feel or behave. Being aware of face shapes and what those lines really mean provides you with real-time analysis of reading faces without anyone knowing. Tailored personal and corporate training packages available for any industry. 

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Every Face Tells A Story...

My passion of face reading


I hope you find this site to be a valuable source of information about my passion of face reading. Having studied the science of Chinese Medicine for over ten years and mastered the ability to read faces, I have an extensive history of success in multiple industries. Although a bit unconventional, the process of reading faces completes the puzzle of who a person has been in their past, is in their present and could possibly become in the future. Whether generated by repressed emotions from life events, character traits, ethics and/or values - I reveal a person's true self. Understanding different shapes and sizes of facial features, and the correlation between facial lines, will disclose everything from leadership qualities, altered states, emotional intelligence traits and how a person thinks, feels and behaves.

I am sincerely committed and deeply passionate about Chinese face reading & helping my clients achieve their objectives and believe in being a strategic partner.

Centuries Old Technology Returned to the 21st Century


Face reading is an ancient science and has been a part of Chinese Medicine since the 6th century BC. There are documented artifacts in Chinese Medicine stating that practitioners used face reading to treat illnesses as well as recognizing personality patterns and their meanings. There are patterns in your physical body that correspond to patterns in your personality. Over thousands of years of research, it's proven that the face reveals personality types, how someone thinks, feels and behaves. Face reading was one of the most important diagnostic tools used in early Chinese Medicine.

Face reading started in the Western Civilization with the Greeks. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine studied the science of physiognomy. Aristotle wrote a dissertation devoted to the study of face reading.  Over the centuries, many western scholars have studied and valued face reading/physiognomy; including Galen, the famous first-century physician, Chaucer, the father of English literature, and Roger Bacon, an English philosopher and one of the early advocates of the modern scientific method. Johann Kasper Lavater, a Swiss pastor promoted the science of physiognomy and was recognized across Europe for his published essays in 1772.


"Ms. Weber's insight into jurors' personalities was nothing short of amazing. She provided valuable advice during voir dire in a serious domestic violence trial." - Fred

"Kelli is a "secret tool!" She provides me information about new clients before I shake hands. I walk into meetings with the ability to maximize the relationship by knowing so much about the person. Building the relationship quickly is critical in sales. Thank you Kelli!" - Karen

"Partnering with Kelli and utilizing her expertise is face reading has reduced our hiring process in half. What normally would take weeks to filter through potential candidates and hoping the perfect person would be chosen - now takes moments. What we appreciate most about working with Kelli is her ability to not only identify key personality traits of a person to ensure they are the perfect fit for our environment but reduced the attrition for the company." - Paul

"Kelli offers a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. I have found her to be spot-on with identifying personality and character traits of everyone she profiles not to mention in real-time. I would highly recommend Kelli to analyze faces in any industry." - Sandy

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