How it works...

Kelli S. Weber Consulting provides face reading services to the LegalHiring and On-Line Dating industries.  Partners with attorneys during voir dire; breaks down personality traits of candidates during recruiting, pre-interview and interview processes; and reduces time, effort and financial investment required before that first date.  Understanding the different shapes and sizes, and the correlation of facial lines will disclose everything about a person from birth onward.  

Legal Industry

Jury Selection  

Services offer real-time face reading of potential jurors during the voir dire process. 

Witness Profiling

Services offer real-time face during trial and/or during the research phase. 

Mock Trial  & Depositions

Partner during the trial research phase.


Interviewing Candidates

Services include real time face reading during the interview process; in-person or via media channels. 

Video Resumes

Face reading analysis will provide personality and character traits of the potential candidates to ensure the company is hiring the right person for the culture of the company.   

Face Reading Training

Real Estate - Legal - Dating - Sales - Mental Health - School Faculty


Improve business and personal relationships by learning basic face reading techniques. Services include learning the meaning of face shapes and what those lines really mean on the face. Tailored personal and corporate training packages available for any industry.

On Line Dating


On Line Dating

Services include face reading personality & character traits analysis of potential love interests. It's as easy as sending a picture. 

Personal Face Reading 

Services include a detailed personal face reading. Summary of analysis will be delivered via Skype or phone.