Corporate Training

Business and personal relationships are critical to being successful in any industry. Learning basic face reading techniques  will help you learn how to approach a person, what questions to ask and understand how they communicate. Services include learning the meaning of face shapes and what those lines really mean on the face. Tailored personal and corporate training packages available for any industry. 

Real Estate - Legal -  Sales  - Law Enforcement   School Faculty


Jury selection services offers real-time face reading of potential jurors during the voir dire process. Litigation cases can be challenging enough not to mention relying on Judges to question the jurors. Knowing personality and character traits can ease the frustration and provide great insight into each juror. 

Talent Acquisition

Interviewing  candidates  services include real time face reading during the interview process; in-person or via media channels. 

 Face reading analysis provides personality and character traits of the potential candidates to ensure the company is hiring the right person for the culture of the company.    


 On line dating services include face reading personality & character traits analysis of potential love interests. It's as easy as sending a picture. 

Personal face reading services include a detailed personal face reading. Summary of analysis will be delivered via Skype or phone.